About Local Handy Guy
Local Handy Guy is a directory of high quality, trusted local tradesman and
serviceman. The idea is to create a simple list of handymen in different areas that are
trusted and have positive feedback from their customers.

Every listing on the site is hand approved - there is no automation here. The idea is to
put the user in contact with a handyman with a reputation for good service, as quickly
and effortlessly as possible.

After choosing your location and the profession you are looking for, you will be
presented with a list of qualified workers in your area, along with their phone number
and website (if available).

LocalHandyGuy.com also provides a way for smaller local businesses to be listed well
no matter what size their scale is, and hopefully find their customer base expands after
they have been listed here for a while.

Everything about LocalHandyGuy.com, from the idea to the layout, is to create the
effortless and hasty link between the "local handy guy" and the people who need him
(or her!).

If your business if not in the directory, you can suggest that it be added

If you would like to advertise on LocalHandyGuy.com you can read about the current

For any questions or comments, feel free to email us at admin@localhandyguy.com
Local Handy Guy
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